NEXT SATURDAY can’t come quick enough it’s the “Summer Preview Party” at VICTORY in the Medowlands and we are celebrating two of our very own “The Ling Of Headliner” Brian Masi and the man with the best hair in the game Nick Berardi with music by HEADLINER resident Mezo along with some of our favorites Carlos Melange and Denny Tsettos with the legend Mike Healy behind the mic and the first 100 guests get Headliner VIP card for Summer 2016 contact me for tables and guest lists #Erock #Erockent #Victory #VictoryMedowlands #HeadlinerPreviewParty #Summer2016PreviewParty #Summer2016 #HeadlinerNightclub #Headliner #ViPCardGiveAway by @pablo_dinero

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